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Registration Fee

Registration fee

Running Teams

The International Jerusalem Winner Marathon is happy to host organized running teams.
Organized running teams must meet the following enrollment criteria in order to register:

  • Organized running teams will be approved only if they are listed as companies, organizations, schools, non-profit organizations or registered running groups.
  • Minimum 15 runners.

Teams that meet the criteria will receive a username and a password for registration.
Please read the application form for new group registration carefully.

If you meet the requirements, please contact the International Jerusalem Winner Marathon headquarters:

Open Sunday – Thursday, from 9AM-5PM
Telephone: 02-5794666 extension 2
Fill out the form and attach supporting documents in order to register your organization.

Health Declaration

Commit to Your Health!

Proper physical preparation is a key principle for every Marathon runner; otherwise runners may find themselves with some severe injuries and major health damages.
In order to complete your registration and participate in the race, you must read carefully and sign up the online Health Declaration form (appearing on the online registration form at the website).
Please be aware of your health condition prior to your participation in the race and in case of need, please consult your doctor regarding any medical problems that may appear and might risk your health during the race.
If there will be any deterioration in your health condition, prior to the race (such as: fever, insomnia, heart problems, vomiting, etc.)
you must consult a doctor.

For more medical guidelines information

Participants List

Tracks & Maps

The Jerusalem Winner Marathon held in Israel's capital is one of the most unique marathons in the world, combining history with a challenging racing experience.

The various tracks trace 3,000 years of history in this fascinating city that is holy to the world's three monotheistic religions.

Tens of thousands of runners, representing different religions and countries from all over the world participate in the marathon each year and experience Jerusalem's cultural and historical landmarks, the city's unique routes and landscapes (see course map) and an inspiring and unforgettable athletic experience.

The marathon course has been approved by the Association of International Marathons (AIMS).

Upcoming Marathons

Upcoming Marathons

The International Jerusalem Winner Marathon will be held this year for the eighth time in a row.
The scheduled dates for the next annual marathons are as follows:

Ninth International Jerusalem Marathon – March 15th, 2019
Tenth International Jerusalem Marathon – March 13th, 2020